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A plan to fit any budget.




1. Enroll online here

2.  $125 to for Credit Audit  

Smart Plan $59 monthly and client prints and mails your letters to the credit reporting agencies. ReScore Solutions will print and mail your letters for an additional $15 month.

Genius Plan $89 monthly 

Platinum Plan $129 monthly.  Credit monitoring is included at no additional charge.

3. Client must maintain credit monitoring cost with a 3rd party vendor. Be sure to read the information on this page so that you understand our services.  

3.  Click here to get started today!

Credit card

CARD INFORMATION:     You will be asked for your credit or debit card information. Your card will NOT be charged until you until after your Credit Audit and online account has been set up, which is usually within 2 to 3 days

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WHAT IS A CREDIT AUDIT?  This is the process of going through each credit report with Equifax, Transunion and Experian, to determine the following:  1.  Which accounts need to be addressed with the credit reporting agencies and/or debt collection companies.    2.  Address options to raise your credit scores.  3.  Consult with client on charge-offs, repossessions and other negative items being reported on reports.


CREDIT MONITORING:  You must enroll for credit monitoring for 3 credit report monitoring service that we will provide a link to.  You will receive an email with a link to sign up for credit monitoring.  The company that provides the monitoring service is a 3rd party vendor and their charge in in addition to our charges.  WHY DO I NEED CREDIT MONITORING?  We MUST be able to update your credit reports every 30 days.  Without this service we can not proceed with credit repair.

After signing up for monitoring,  please send your login information to:

24/7 ONLINE FILE:  Your credit reports will be reviewed and your online file will be created.  You will receive login information so that you can electronically sign your agreement and view your progress.  Your letters can be viewed, downloaded and printed from this portal.

MAILING LETTERS:  Letters are drafted, by us, every 30 to 35 days and are mailed to the credit reporting agencies.  You will be responsible for printing and mailing your letters to the credit reporting agencies if you are on the basic plan. If you had rather have ReScore Solutions mail your letters there is a charge of $5 for each letter to the credit reporting agencies. Usually 3 letters are mailed for a total cost of $!5.

$20 for certified mail when needed.  Certified mail is always used when mailing to debt collection companies.





The services listed above are for those that will sign-up online.  If you are not interested in signing up online or feel that your situation needs customized attention you can schedule an appointment to meet with Gale Kirkpatrick, the owner?   

Contact us at 205-352-3448  There is a $199 personal credit audit fee for 1.5 hour meeting.  A $50 retainer is payable at time of appointment and is non-refundable if a no-show.  The remainder of $149 is due at your appointment once you enroll in our services.  Gale will be your personal account representative throughout your process.

  1. You will need to sign up for credit monitoring at  Gale must have this several days before your appointment.
  2. Gale will go over your credit report during your meeting.
  3. A customized plan will be designed to assist you.
  4. The appointment is up to 1.5 hours. Please arrive 10 minutes early. Ie:  appointment is scheduled for 10:30 to 12:00.  You arrive at 11:00.  Your appointment will be 1 hour.

This $199 amount will be applied to your Credit Audit fee of $399. if you choose to sign up.

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