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Credit Repair Plans That Works for Your Credit

Attorney assisted credit repair.

We have a close working relationship with an attorney who sues companies under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (and other consumer laws).  So if we run into a roadblock where a company refuses to follow the law, we can connect you with the attorney to sue for money damages.  Don’t worry, there is no out of pocket cost for you.

Kirkpatrick and Associates -The Ultimate Credit Repair

This plan is the quickest service that we have. We accept a limited amount of clients for this plan because of the time invested to get your credit reports turned around and on the right track.

Q: What is the difference in Kirkpatrick & Associates, LLC  (aka K&A) and ReScore Solutions?

A: K&A scrutinizes your credit reports for information that is in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Each time that the credit reporting agencies, debt collector or creditor responds, which may be within as little as 2 weeks we will review your correspondence and proceed with necessary action.  After the very first round of letters and after the credit reporting agencies update, we review again for any violation(s) that may exist.  When we find errors that violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we then send supporting documents to be reviewed by our attorney.  (with your permission) Attorney will review and file legal action as needed.

What does that mean for you?  This can mean money damages for you as well as possibly deleting the account from your reports. There is no out of pocket cost for you if FCRA attorney accepts your case.

Q: Why is the cost so much more than ReScore Solutions?

A:  There is more expense and time involved with K&A services.  Much legal knowledge is invested in each client’s credit repair as well as assisting each client when legal action is taken in order to correct the violation as well as suing for money damages.

Every month credit reports are reviewed in detail and custom letters are drafted for corrections or deletions.  Letters are mailed to the credit reporting agencies via certified mail.  This service usually is finished in a few months instead of 9 months or longer.

Although this service cost much more, we are usually able to get much more work done and faster turnaround for you, the client.  Basically, we find violations, give the credit reporting agencies, original creditor and debt collectors an opportunity to repair or delete, and if this is not done then legal action may be taken.

Turn-around time can be as little as 2 months, but no guarantees are made on time-frame.

Cost for Kirkpatrick & Associates.

One-time Credit Audit fee $599 per person and covers Equifax, Transunion and Experian.

Monthly fee: $99. This helps cover clerical and certified mailing fees.

Pay-per-delete pricing:  $50 to $300 per credit reporting agency.  Ie: deleted from Equifax, charge is $300.  Deleted from Experian, charge is $300. Deleted from Transunion $300.

$50 for accounts that are

ReScore Solutions still provides great service, but progress is updated via online credit monitoring with 3rd party credit reports with Smart Credit.  Credit reports are still reviewed for certain violations and letters drafted accordingly.

Letters are not mailed using certified mail services to the credit reporting agencies.  When certified mail services are needed, such as to debt collection companies, the client will be charged $25 per mailing.

With ReScore Solutions, the average turnaround time is 6 months to 1 year, although we do not guarantee any particular time-frame.