Free! Really free credit services!

First of all Kirkpatrick & Associates offers free credit report evaluations.  For us to provide this service you will need current credit reports.  There are many companies that provide online credit monitoring for a fee.  The cost is usually between $14.99 and $24.99 a month and provides credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies; Experian, TransUnion and Equifax and credit scores from each.  If you can’t or don’t want to pay for this monthly service I suggest that you sign up for  This service is absolutely, yes absolutely free.  No payment information is required to sign up or continue the service.  The only difference is that Credit Karma doesn’t provide a credit report or score from Experian.  But for a free service you get a great service that updates your credit reports regularly throughout each month.  So if you would like to monitor your credit reports and take it easy on the budget, then Credit Karma may be what you are looking for.  Check it out today.  Once you have viewed your credit reports, you may have credit issues.  A late pay that is incorrect.  An account you paid to a zero balance last summer and it still ahows a balance, accounts that aren’t yours, addresses that you have never lived at, credit inquiries that you didn’t authorize, collections that you weren’t aware of and the list goes on.  We can possibly help you and get your credit cleaned up and raise your credit scores.  Here at Kirkpatrick & Associates, credit report evaluations are free….yes, another free!  We want the opportunity to educate you in having a chance at better and stronger credit while educating you to keep it strong.  We don’t do gimmicks, nor do we have a magic wand to poof all kinds of accurate bad stuff from your reports, but we will explain what our services cover and how we can repair negative information and how our services can benefit you, for now, and your future.  Kirkpatrick & Associates specializes in assisting with all types of credit issues.  Possibly avoid Bankruptcy, foreclosure and charge off accounts, dealing with collections, as well as getting you lender-ready for a mortgage.  You may not have credit or collection issues and just need to build or rebuild credit.  There’s help there too.  I know, you want to know how much will this cost you.  After all, you may be living on a budget and paying hundreds or a couple of thousand $$$ is not possible.  Fear not, we have low month to month payments and you can cancel or place you account inactive at any time.  We eat, sleep and obsess about credit related stuff.


There are other companies that provide credit repair, but we go beyond with excellent customer service and educating our clients which means you can spend more time relaxing and with your family, while we take care of you.  Call today.  205-352-3448

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