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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Job Hunting for 50+

Does your age shut you out?  Looking for a job?  For those in the 50+ age bracket, you may have found that the economy in 2008 may have affected you too.  You may have taken an early retirement or was…

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I DO and Bad Credit

Your FICO scores are a big part of many of your financial decisions now that you are a couple.

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7 Ways To Deal With Bad Credit When Renting

We specialize in getting your credit reports lender-ready so that you will be approved for a home. Understanding the ins and outs of lending we know what it takes to get your credit reports repaired and credit scores to the specification of your lender.

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Your Credit Score that 3-Digit Number

If you know what a FICO score is then you may have wondered how credit scoring came into being. How did that one little number become so important in our lives? Lenders have been using credit scoring for years. By…

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