Say NO to bankruptcy! Say yes to debt assumption!

Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul?  Wondering when you are going to exit the never ending cycle of credit card debt?  Education loans choking your future?  Personal loans? Medical debt?  Any unsecured debt.

We offer a debt assistance program that you pay 45% of your debt.

debt with help sign

Wondering if this is for you?  This debt assumption program is for anyone that can’t pay out of debt due to only paying minimum payments.  If you can answer YES to at least one of the questions below you need to contact us.

  • Only making minimum payments?
  • Falling behind on payments?
  • Defaulting on accounts or already in default?
  • Accounts charged off?
  • Unsecured educational loans that are in default or struggling to pay.
  • Great or good credit but can’t use it because of out of control debt?
  • Want to get out of debt and get back on track?

Regardless of credit or income you can qualify the this debt assumption program. 

  • No tax liability.
  • Pay out of debt in as little as 1 payment to up to 36 months.
  • Interest free.

Drowning in debt?   deep in debt

Call or text us today!!  205-649-1964

There is no reason to wait.  No cost to find out if this is a solution for you and your future.

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