The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

This story is about my sister, Dana Jones, and me. She and I have known each other our entire lives. Well except for the 2 years and 4 months that I waited for her birth. Growing up I made it very clear that I was “Two years and four months older than her”. I guess it was to indicate that I was older, maybe wiser and definitely her boss. Well, maybe not boss, but that I did have some type of “older than you” privilege. Now that we are “much older,” she now enjoys reminding me that I am two years and ….well I think you get it.

Our parents made us grow up together. Yes, under the same roof but we did have our own private bedroom. That in itself may have saved us from even more arguments, disagreements, fussing and fighting. I guess from this you may conclude that we were polar opposites. She was noisy, mouthy and could have a “bull in the china shop” approach to life, while I was quieter, an introvert and far from radical. I liked Barbie and she didn’t. I liked make-up and she didn’t. I liked to dress up and she was fine with blue jeans and a t-shirt. Don’t jump to conclusions. I liked casual wear too. The whole point is that we didn’t agree on much of anything.

Once we were older teens and after I got my first car, at age 16, we went everywhere together. Got along and no real drama. After I met my husband-to-be and began spending all my time with him, she began to feel that I had abandoned her. I never really realized how that affected her until I was much, much older…like maybe in the past 5 years.

During all of these years we have not gotten along. In October 2007 we had 23 years of irreconcilable differences behind us. She was not working at that very time and I called to see if she could temporarily help me at my business with data entry. She immediately drove to my business and went to work. (she loves keying). Well, a few days turned into a few weeks and we were getting along so well that we would laugh throughout each day and openly ask each other when the blowup would be. Even family and friends had raised eyebrows and wide eyes. They anticipated a soon-to-be explosion.

Weeks turned into months and throughout those months, we talked and talked while we worked and began pouring out our thoughts and misguided beliefs about each other. God healed our minds and hearts which lead to each of us getting a new prospective, based on truth and nothing else. By January 2008 we were laughing, sharing memories, (the good ones) and loving each other. We learned that our differences weren’t a weakness, but assets for each of us. And what we really learned is that our differences placed together makes a great team to run a business. By June of 2009 she was able to return to her former job, but our new-founded love and respect didn’t go anywhere. Embracing and celebrating each other has been so easy since then.

I started this financial and credit repair business in February 2014. The business has continued to grow and for several years I have so longed for Dana to be by my side running this business. I knew that I couldn’t compensate her as well as she was earning at her job. Nevertheless, September 2019, I was certain that my tongue-in-cheek approach of asking her to quit her job and partner with me would be taken with a grain of salt. Instead, a week later she called me and said that she was ready for that leap of faith and she did. Ironically, October 2019 which was the same month in 2007 that she began working with me at my previous business, a full-time photography studio.

We can’t be any happier with how we work together. She loves the back-office, accounting, client services and data entry and I love the marketing, client intake and sales. We are still very much different, but I refer to us as peanut butter and jelly. It’s opposite stuff but makes a great sandwich.

This BLOG is dedicated to my Lord and Savior for paving the way for our healing.  To my sister, Dana.  To our late father and our loving mother for all the years that they have prayed for us.

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