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Start your own credit repair business


  • Work remotely.  (that’s a fancier way of saying that working from home is an option)
  • First 3 months of CREDIT REPAIR training is FREE.  (Classes and coaching will be ongoing) This is an opportunity to “kick the tires” to see if this is a career that you want to pursue. ALL aspects of opening, running, marketing and growing the business will be taught for those that continue, after the initial 3 months.
  • Curriculum for the initial first 3 months, is written by me, Gale Kirkpatrick, and is available for free.
  • Live streaming online course and coaching.  Miss a class?  No problem.  They are recorded for later review.
  • This is a business that can incorporate younger or older children for day to day running of the business.  Great for homeschool families. (optional but not needed)
  • Reasonable to no investment is needed to start this business. 
  • Accepting a limited number of people.  I highly recommend that anyone interested contact me soon. 
  • Classes begin Sunday, September 6th at 5:00 and will be once a week, same day and time.
  • Great income potential.
  • No recruiting. This is a legitimate business opportunity.  

Established or New Credit Repair Business?

Sign up for coaching to take your business to the next level.

Our History

Gale has many years experience in the credit repair industry. Prior to starting her credit repair business she was employed as a legal assistant specializing in consumer law assisting consumers that were being abused by debt collectors.

Her company has been in business since February 2014 and has grown and now has 5 team members. The business has regular growing pains and continues to grow.

Gale’s first business was a photography business. She started the business in 2003 and by 2006 she was owner/operator of a full-time portrait studio which was making 6 figures in 3 years. The business was financially affected by the economic downturn in the fall of 2008. Some lessons were learned about business overhead and business debt. That experience has been a learning factor in founding a credit repair business.

Gale understands the importance of keeping overhead low and the need to recession-proof her business. Because she has honed her skills and continues in education in the field of credit repair, she has decided to open up to others that desire to own their own credit repair business.

The knowledge that she will be sharing, teaching and mentoring will be worth far more than the investment.

If you have desired to own and operate your own business, this is the bootcamp for you. Want to kick the tires and see what you think? The first three classes are free. Just contact our office to get set-up. To view our “pricing and guarantee” page use the password: CREDIT123

COACHING: Services, Pricing & Guarantee

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