Bankruptcy and Collections FAQ

Credit Repair Specialists

 Are you considering bankruptcy?  We may be able to help you avoid bankruptcy and there is no cost to find out.

Are your experiencing any of the following:                        

Collections: We use the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  These laws are very powerful in protecting the debtor.
Late payments
Debt negotiations:  Owe for a charge-off or repo?  We can help negotiate on your behalf.

Stop collection calls: Just what it says.  Call us if you are tired of debt collectors ringing your phone 7 days a week.  

debt collectors
Debt collectors calling? We can stop those calls!


Stop garnishments: Even after they are deducting from your check.
Assist in building and rebuilding credit and credit scores.
Credit education.
Free,no obligation credit report evaluation.
Possibly avoid Bankruptcy.
QUESTION:  How does credit repair work?  I think I could save a lot of money and do it myself.  After all, my co-worker fixed her own credit.  
Before we get started, I will preface these questions and answers by saying that I don’t do my own taxes.  Why, you may ask?  Taxes are not that difficult to learn and with all this great online programs they do just about everything for you, and yet, I don’t do my own taxes.
My accountant has apx 40 years of experience, continuing education and has a full-time job of dealing with TAXES.  While I may save myself a few $$$ by not hiring a professional, just missing one deduction could cost me more than I would have paid.  I don’t know the laws, the latest information and I know just enough to be dangerous.
The same reason that I recommend that you hire a professional to help you out of your financial mess.  Just like accountants are not all excellent in their field, same with attorneys, hair stylists, and so on, not all credit repair specialist are special.  Don’t hire someone that makes a lot of promises and tells you what you want to hear.  It takes a lot of work, and many times there may be accounts that will have to be paid.  We can direct you step by step.
So remember, if you can’t teach the class, don’t try to do the work on your own.  Hire a professional.  Credit repair is just that important.
We also have attorneys that we network with that specialize in this area of law, we have other professionals in the field all over the US that we network with for continued support and education.  We attend credit repair boot camps and seminars for the latest information available for successful credit repair.


Credit mistakes
Take care of your credit and don’t make these mistakes.
ANSWER: Sometimes people will get negative accounts and collections removed from their credit reports without any help from anyone.  
Sometimes those accounts may get reinserted at a later date once the creditor or debt collector verifies the account.  You are supposed to receive a letter from the credit reporting agency that reinserts it, but the key words are “supposed to”.  
Many times people work out their own settlements with debt collectors not realizing that they are responsible for paying income taxes on each penny that the debt collector did not collect.  Example:  You owe $10,000 for a medical bill.  Debt collector accepts $4,000 for the debt and promises never to bother you again.  WOW!  You are thrilled.  But come January you’ll receive a 1099 form showing that you have to report $6,000 extra income on your taxes.  If your tax bracket falls into a 25% bracket, you will owe $1,500 in taxes.  If you decide to take this offer, put back the extra money and be prepared.  
How does ReScore handle collections?  
We have a process of validation of all collections.  Many times this takes numerous letters to both the credit reporting agencies and the collection agencies.  We are very successful in getting more collections deleted than someone that does not know the Fair Credit Reporting  Act, the Fair Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Communications Protection Act such as we do.  We use these laws to your advantage in insuring that you get the best credit repair as possible.  We are not attorney’s, but we have stayed at the Holiday Inn.
If in the future, a collection is reinserted with the same collection agency or original creditor, we have a plan to get these disputed at no charge to you.  After we are finished with your credit repair process you can sign up for recurring billing  of just $4.99 a month to cover any accounts or collections that are reinserted.  No Credit Audit fee and we pay all postage, certified mail fees and no cost to you for us to draft letters.  
If you receive additional collections there will be no Credit Audit fee of $125 to re-enroll and we will work on the new collection account at regular pricing.  


We review your credit reports for inaccurate, unverifiable and outdated information regarding these type of accounts.  While we have been successful many times in getting these accounts removed, many times these accounts have to be paid to get them cleared up, but we can assist you through the process working to get you the best settlement.  


Removing late payments are not always possible, but many times we have been successful.  Keep in mind that when late payments are recent,  in our experience getting them removed is most often not going to happen.  Being that we have a pay-per-delete, if we don’t get these removed, then you don’t pay for that particular account.  Please be careful about doing business with a company that makes promises to clear up a 100% of your negative credit.  There is no magic wand.  


We are often successful in getting public records deleted from credit reports.  We use the laws that are in place for successful deletions, but many times this can take many months.  Usually 2 to 6 months, based on our previous experience.  Do keep in mind that having public records deleted from your credit reports does not delete them from public record files at government agency that it was filed, but it does help your credit scores.  When these are deleted, you still owe them and need to make plans to pay any outstanding liens, judgments, or Chapter 13 Bankruptcies.  Please note that paying judgments and liens doesn’t get them removed from your credit reports.  They can legally leave them on your credit report as “satisfied” for the payment status.  


QUESTION:  I am an Authorized User on my mother’s credit card.  She lost her job and has not been able to pay and now the account has been sent to a debt collector.  They are not only calling her, but they are also calling me.  I feel that I don’t owe it but they continue to tell me that I need to pay it.  What do I do?

ANSWER:  Call us.  We can stop the phone calls and get you removed from the account.

QUESTION:  I filed chapter 7 Bankruptcy 6 years ago and I was told that I couldn’t use my credit until the Bankruptcy was deleted from my credit report.  Is this true?  

ANSWER:  No this is not true.  You can begin rebuilding your credit immediately after your Bankruptcy is discharged.  Call us and we can help you rebuild your credit. 

QUESTION:  I have a garnishment from a judgment and I would like to be able to get the garnishment removed.  Can you help me?  

ANSWER:  We probably can.  Many times these can be taken care of.  Call for more information.  Each situation is different and we don’t won’t to guarantee something prior to an initial meeting.

 Would you be interested in a free credit report review?


Great customer service and a team that cares!

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