Debt Solutions

It’s time for a solution for your debt!

Debt Consolidation

Our consolidation services are designed to help you get your debt paid. We can direct all or some of your creditor contact to us. Whichever you choose.

Isn’t it time that you take a deep breath and face your debts with a strategy and a team that will be by your side?

Our plan of action is set up in a way to lower the chances of having legal action taken against you. While we can’t know what your creditors may do, our service includes a legal plan that will cover 100% of your attorney fees just in case that were to happen. And the policy also will cover 3 months of your payments for your debt consolidation in the case that you are laid off or lose your job through no fault of our own. That’s peace of mind.

Our cost and fees are very simple and fair. We have compared our pricing to big-box companies and find that we charge less and provide a customized solution.


Debt Negotiations

Kirkpatrick & Associates will handle your debt negotiations. We only get paid a small percentage of the amount that we save you. For example: Credit card debt is $2,000. We get it negotiated to $1,200. Are cost for that debt is $160. (20%)

While payments are being made to your creditor or debt collection company, payments are applied towards our fee. Our plan is designed to make getting out of debt as easy as possible.

Our clients have a dedicated online checking account that you debts are paid from. We do not collect your monies.

No money is earned by us for negotiations until we have successfully negotiated your debt and you have agreed to the terms the creditor or debt collector offers. We will provide any important information that you may need in order to get the best deal for you.


Rebuilding Credit

Once your debts are satisfied and many times before you are finished with the program we can help to rebuild your credit scores. This is part of our service to you.


Before filing bankruptcy check with us first.



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