Financial Freedom Without Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is sometimes the only option available for financial and asset protection.  But many times it’s avoidable. We encourage you to find out if you are a candidate to get through your situation without bankruptcy.  We do not charge to evaluate your reports and the initial phone consultation is free.  It may be the best call that you make…ReScore Solutions / Kirkpatrick Associates, LLC. 205-352-3448
Bad credit?  Need a fresh start?  Contact us for free credit review…find out how we can help you.
Call us if you are considering debt consolidation, debt settlement, bankruptcy, borrowing from 401K,  taking out a high interest rate loan or just not dealing with your debt.   205-352-3448 office     205-649-1964  text 24/7


We, at ReScore Solutions, can help you build credit and rebuild credit.  Many times people feel there is no hope for their situation.  They only know to call an attorney and file for protection under the Bankruptcy Code.  There may be a better solution.  We provide free credit report evaluations.  Don’t have your credit reports?  No problem….call us.  We have saved many families from filing bankruptcy and got their credit scores back on track.

happy financial freedom

Financial freedom means

  • Providing for your family better.
  •  Means not having to worry about paying high-interest payday loans.
  • Spending more time with the ones that matter instead of overtime at work.
  • Having a retirement.
  • Taking a family vacation.
  • Opening a business.
  • Being able to have business credit.
  • Being able to help your teen buy a car.
  • For all those times that make good memories.

What does financial freedom mean to you?  We want to help make  that dream come true.

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