Rent-By-Owner Screening Service

RENT-BY-OWNER Applicant credit report screening services.

No cost to the landlord.  Applicant $35.

We handle all the paperwork and charges.

  1.  Contact us at 205-352-3448.  Provide their names and contact information and someone from our office will contact them.  OR  have applicant contact us at the same number.
  2. We will assist in getting their credit reports with the 3 major credit reporting agencies; Experian, Equifax and Transunion.
  3. The potential tenant’s credit reports will be analyzed by the following:
    1. Open lines of credit such as revolving credit such as credit cards
    2. Student loan debt
    3. Installment loans such as auto
    4. Any negative accounts such as repossessions, charged off credit cards and personal loans, foreclosures, bankruptcy, collections and other negative information will be graded.  This will assist in making a decision to rent to someone with damaged credit.  Not all negative credit indicates that someone will not pay their rent or other financial obligations.

Screen your potential tenants before signing the rental agreement

pay more for renting with bad credit

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