ReScore Pricing

Our pricing is simple…you pay for what you receive, meaning that when our company gets an account improved or deleted there is a charge.  If we don’t, then no money is due for that account.


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Online portal with free 24/7 access
Client prints and mails their letters; accessed from  private online portal
3rd Party Collections only
Unlimited 3 Bureau Validations & Disputes
Unlimited Inquiry Disputes
Unlimited Creditor Disputes
Personal Information Corrections
Assist with rebuilding credit


Pay-Per-Delete after account is removed or repaired.
$399 Complete Credit Audit
Add Spouse or Partner $100
Payments of $100 individual
$150 couple only when their is a balance
Validations directly with original creditor
or debt collector.
Certified Mail  cost not included
Coaching on client dealing with original creditors and debt collections.
Pay Per Delete
The Audit Fee is compiled of information about YOUR credit report, scores and accounts.  We go over your credit reports line by line, reviewing every bit of information available.  We use this information to get accounts reporting 100% correctly or get the account or collection deleted.  Consumers have the right, under federal laws, to have your credit reports report only accurate information regarding each and every account, both the good and bad ones. 
The Audit takes much time and is the foundation for successful credit repair.  We do NOT charge you until this has been completed, which means that we guarantee that we do not charge for services until AFTER they have been performed.  Audits can be accessed in client’s online private credit portals that we provide to each client. 
We work on all or most of the accounts from the very first month. We are able to get your credit repaired quicker and rebuild credit even sooner.  This is great for people who need to move forward as quickly as possible.

Prices are for each deletions or improvements for each credit reporting agency.  Not all creditors report account to all three credit reporting agencies.  That means a collection may only be reporting to one or two credit reporting agencies.

 Personal Information: $10 deleted or updated
 Inquiries: $10
Standard accounts or collections: $50
Collections with balance under $100:  $10
Public Record: $100
Late payments: $25
Repossession:  $100
Unpaid rents: $100

Continue reading for detailed information on how we charge.


The cost of an average Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $1,500. and it’s reported to the credit reporting agencies for 10 years.  Most of our clients pay less than, or no more than, $2,000 and their credit is repaired.  Can you afford to file bankruptcy, pay higher interest rates and fees on cars, loans and credit cards while waiting 10 years for the public record to be removed from your credit reports?  When you consider the cost of bankruptcy vs real credit repair, the choice is simple.

new life in retirement
Choose LIFE and financial health!
Chapter 7 bankruptcy has to be paid upfront.  Our services are paid in payments, after the work is performed.
pay more for renting with bad credit
Prices are per credit reporting agency; Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.  Not all accounts or collections report on all three credit reporting agencies.  If a collection is reporting with two credit reporting agencies and we get the account deleted from both, the cost would be the fee listed above times two.  IE:  Collection deleted from Amsher collections from Equifax and TransUnion, you will be billed for $100.  credit_report
Client is charged ONLY for items deleted in the previous month. 
Payment Plan– Many clients get a large number of deletions in their first month. Client can make payments on balance.
 It is not uncommon that paid collections reporting on your credit report will

actually lower your credit score.

I don't understand
Credit score has fallen
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Step 2.  Contact us, provide your login information and we will review and discuss our services with you.  As you can see above, the fees are simple.

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Free credit report review.
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